Dr. Andre Keizer, PhD

Dr. Keizer has a background in cognitive neuroscience and has published scientific papers about Neurofeedback, consciousness, memory, cognitive control and binding processes, using research tools such as EEG/ERP and fMRI. He has taught at top Universities in the Netherlands and is responsible for initiating several lines of Neurofeedback research in Universities and applied research institutes.

In recent years, his interest has broadened towards the clinical application of Neurofeedback and (Q)EEG analyses. Dr. Keizer is currently responsible for research on (Q)EEG analyses and Neurofeedback at the Neurofeedback Institute Netherlands.

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List of Publications:


Keizer, A.W., Hommel, B., & Lamme, V.A.F. (2015).
Consciousness is not necessary for visual feature binding. Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, 22(2), 453-460.

Van Wouwe N.C., Keizer, A.W., Staufenbiel, S., & Brouwer, A. (2014).
Effect of beta and gamma neurofeedback on memory and intelligence in the elderly. Biological Psychology, 95, 74-85

Hommel, B., & Keizer, A. W. (2012). Binding success and failure: Evidence for the spontaneous integration of perceptual and Affective stimulus codes. Frontiers in Psychology, 3.

Kühn, S., Keizer, A.W., Colzato, L.S., Rombouts, S.A.R.B., & Hommel, B.
(2011). The neural underpinnings of event-file management: Evidence for stimulus-induced activation of, and competition among stimulus-response bindings. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 23(4), 896-904.

Kühn, S., Keizer, A.W., Rombouts, S.A.R.B., & Hommel, B. (2011). The functional and neural mechanism of action preparation: Roles of EBA and FFA in voluntary action control. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 23(1), 214-220.

Keizer, A.W., Verment, R., & Hommel, B. (2010). Enhancing cognitive control through neurofeedback: A role of gamma-band activity in managing episodic retrieval. Neuroimage, 49, 3404-3413.

Keizer, A.W., Verschoor, M., Verment, R.S., & Hommel, B. (2010). Enhancing gamma band power (36-44Hz) with neurofeedback improves feature-binding flexibility and intelligence. International Journal of Psychophysiology, 75, 25-32.

Keizer, A. W., Colzato, L. S., & Hommel, B. (2008). Integrating faces, houses, motion, and action: Spontaneous binding across ventral and dorsal processing streams. Acta Psychologica, 127, 177-185.

Keizer, A. W., Nieuwenhuis, S., Colzato, L.S., Teeuwisse, W., Rombouts,  S. A. R. B., & Hommel, B. (2008). When moving faces activate the house area: An fMRI study of object file retrieval. Behavioral and Brain Functions, 4.